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Kenneth Dickie. Dr. Kenneth Dickie and his employees of dedicated professionalsrobust> at  Royal Centre of Plastic material Theaterrobust> offer youexcellent carerobust> inside of a exclusive establishing simply 30 minutes north of Gta. As a world-class Plastic material Surgeonrobust>, Dr. Dickie has formulated a dedicated relaxed bottom in Ontario.

As one of the foremost cosmetic surgery facilitiesrobust>, we at Royal Centre of Plastic material Theater are dedicated to offering you the most chopping edge technological innovation and methodsrobust> even though sustaining our strict levels for safety and sanitation. Dr. Dickie is a big champion of advanced education. By supporting to further build the subject of Skin care Theater and enlarging his region of expertise to offer you the most chopping edge methods and treatments, Dr. Dickie can carry on to offer you a wiser feasible results.

At the Royarobust>l Centre of Plastic material Theaterrobust>, every one of our employees members stands as an essential piece of your medical experience. We offer you solely the highest level of top quality carerobust>, respectrobust>, and individualised carerobust>that in turn, leads to a beneficial experiencerobust>.

Our workers are expected to take part in scheduled employees training, advanced education conferences, and opinions of our strict relaxed privacy guidelines. We fully grasp which cosmetic supportrobust> is a exclusive and personal make any difference and desire to uphold our professional reputation by earning your trustrobust>!

Reach us nowadaysrobust> to routine a personal session with plastic cosmetic surgeon, Ken Dickie.



Calm Recommendations

I had the breast augumentation process performed by Dr. Dickie. Dr. Dickie and his employees have been very friendly and informative, answering questions earlier than I inquired. I was due to literature on the process, looked at a video clip and toured the surgery and beginning room. By the time my conclusion was forced to have with the process, I believed very reassured which I was in great hands and which I had forced the appropriate conclusion. I am very happy with the results and have completely no regrets! images/report/miscellaneous/quote_right.gif” border=”0″ />

-Sutton, Breasts Implant Calm table>

Top Advantages

  • Our centrally situated apply is simply 40 minutes north of Gta.
  • Dr. Dickie is a fellow of the Royal Academe of Surgeons, and the Academe of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.
  • Dr. Dicke maintain meetings at several medical centers and anesthesia centers.
  • Gorgeous, tranquil provider which suddenly puts individual patients at ease.
  • We offer a variety of solutions and non-surgical options, similar to our skincare line Obagi, Juvederm, Botox, also Latisse, to include all regions of rejuvination.

Most of our most inquired about methods:robust> Breasts Enhancement (Breasts Implants), Breasts Reconstruction Theater, Belly Lipo (Liposculpture), Lipo Theater (Lipoplasty), Gynecomastia (Men Breasts Reduction)

Areas Worked:robust> Barrie, Newmarket, Markham, Peterborough, Oshawa, Ajax, Gta, Buffalo, Hamilton, Woodbridge

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