Why Hula Hooping Will Work For Your Quality Of Life Along With Your Waist Line

Hula hooping has long been a kid’s game, which many people

did not regard as a fitness tool. However, today it is now an enjoyable

exercise that allows you to lose fat effectively also to tone one’s body. This is a fun exercise

that can help you to result from the boring gym workouts. It’s an ideal

low-impact aerobic exercise for individuals being affected by joint problems which is also

a new way to work off the fat around your waistline. It really works your arm muscles, leg muscles and core muscles, and is also a total body workout that improves balance, joint

flexibility, coordination, agility, confidence, mood and athleticism, along

with toning your muscles. Hula hooping is a superb workout to lose weight

quickly without the cost of gym memberships or health risks of fad diets.

Hula Hooping Gives You A Great Workout

Hula hooping is swinging your hips back and front to rotate the ring round the body. It needs coordination so helping to develop

flexibility. The main element technique in hula hooping would be to engage your whole

midsection to balance the ring whilst it rotating just above your hips. This exercise

requires minimum time, but gives maximum results mainly because it tones the back, abs,

arms and leg muscles.

Swinging the ring round the hips is an excellent aerobic

workout plus it strengthens your entire core muscles. Good posture and balance might be attained with a strong core and core strength is essential to your physique. Even

the basic hooping moves will strengthen your ab muscles, such as the

rectus abdominis and also the bodily and mental obliques. Contract your

ab muscles as you hoop to get an abs workout and rock your hips from

sideways to work out your obliques, or rock back and front to work out the

rectus abdominis. Depending on how you apply the hoop, it is possible to work most of

one’s body too. You can get a rigorous cardio workout with hula hooping by

improving the speed, varying the hoop’s direction and doing alternating knee

lifts to challenge your core. It’s also possible to add arm movements and squats to turn

the normal hula hooping into a total body workout.

Relieves Stress

The rocking motion is relaxing and fun, relieves stress and

offers you feeling of peace and radiance. It improves the flow of blood for your brain

and making you feel more refreshed and clear-minded due to the increased brain


Weight Loss

Hula hooping can help firm, tone and burn extra fat. The more time

you hula hoop, the greater calories you burn. Based on research conducted at

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, hula hooping burns about seven calories a

minute which enable it to lift up your pulse rate to about 84% of their maximum. To expect

as much as you’d probably burn when walking briskly and over you’d probably burn within a

step aerobics or Pilates class.

Hula Hooping Will Work For Your Waist Line

This exercise engages your core and midsection continuously

this also really helps to tone the muscles around your waist. It energizes the inner

muscles in your waist and trains areas untouchable by exercises, such as

running and step climbing. The repetitive swinging motion of your hips really helps to

lose weight and weight round the midriff, so helping tighten the

abdominals. Heavier hoops add resistance to make the push-pull

contractions in your midsection tougher this also really helps to reshape your

waist. The hula hoop can also help to workout the gluteal and hip muscles.


The rhythmic backwards and forwards body motion involved with hula

hooping, really helps to flex and rotate the spine, hips and knee joints. The motion in the legs and hips, that really help to rotate the ring, really helps to workout the calf muscles, hamstrings, and also the muscles about the front in the legs.

Joint Flexibility

If you use a hula hoop, you flex your muscles and move the body within a gentle rocking motion, which is a effective and safe method to improve the joint flexibility. This low-impact activity is a better option if you have joint aches, like arthritis. The gentle and rhythmic movements of hula hooping are a great way to unwind the stiff joints and improve the plethora of

motion. This energizing cardio workout will allow you to regain flexibility and coordination, since the movements stretch and strengthen the back muscles.

Great Things About Hula Hooping

Hooping will work for one’s body, mind and spirit.


Gets your pulse rate up.


Burns fat.


Increases overall fitness.


Increases energy.


Helps to lose weight.


Burns calories.


Improves core strength.


Improves coordination.


Strengthens torso muscles.


Improves posture.


Develops rhythm.


Improves motor skills.


Enhances flexibility.


Helps overcome shyness.


Promotes laughter.


Promotes happiness.


Boosts self-esteem.


Improves focus.


Encourages creativity.

The Correct Hoops

When you need to test hooping as a workout, it’s important

to find the right sort of hoop. The plastic hoops will not likely help you to lose weight

you may need a fitness hoop. Hoops weighing two pounds are fantastic for hula

hooping, as they develop a more serious workout. Heavier hoops make hula hooping

easier because they generate momentum and build enough force to give a

fantastic workout. Heavier hoops also get treatment your abs better because you should

keep your core tight to whip the weighted hoop round the waist.

The larger the height and width of the ring, the easier it is by using

because it gives you more time to react to the forward and backward hooping

movements. An appropriate-sized hoop’s diameter should measure involving the height of

your waist and your breastbone when it’s standing vertically.

Although hula hooping have their own roots in ancient Greece, today

it has become an effective exercise around the world, with a

potential to assist you lose fat and become fit. It will take practice and patience,

but once you’ve mastered it, it is just like buttoning a shirt. Hula hooping can

add variety for your exercise routine which is an exciting way of getting more active. It’s

competitive with some other high-intensity cardio exercises like power

yoga, step aerobics and kickboxing. This is a fast, sensual, relaxing, fun and

effective elliptical trainer workout, which may retrieve great childhood memories.